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  • Listen to millions of online conversations across global news outlets, podcasts, broadcast, print and social media sources.
  • Connect with relevant media contacts and uncover influential journalists who can propel your story.
  • Publish content, distribute GlobeNewswire press releases, and showcase earned media in custom-branded newsrooms.
  • Amplify user-generated content (UGC) on all digital touchpoints where your audience meets your brand.
  • Measure brand impact across all channels and understand campaign performance with actionable reports and real-time alerts.

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See why companies rely on Notified

Notified is a tool that makes all your PR communication easy, simple as that. Whether it’s finding and creating relationships, streamlining your press releases, or visualizing what the internet is saying about you, it’s all in one place and extremely lightweight. I highly recommend a demo to see how comprehensive it really is.

world of beer

Brandon Raper, Social & Digital Media Manager, World of Beer Franchising, LLC

We’ve been using Notified for more than two years and are super happy with the results we’re getting. Prior to Notified, we used separate platforms for media monitoring and newsrooms, but streamlining all or PR, communication and intelligence work into one platform has made us tremendously more efficient.

venture cup

Lisa Johansson, Marketing Manager, Venture Cup

To help me manage the PR aspects of our communication, I work a lot with engaging our customers and prospects through Notified’s automation and publishing tools. We started out with only one press room for the Swedish market but since going global we’ve extended that to an international one where I post press releases in English, German, French, and Dutch. We link to these press rooms from our web page, and that’s where we publish all our press releases — the media like that we also have logos, images, and information on how to get in touch with us.


Ylva Eriksson, PR & Marketing Manager, Benify

I’ve used many tools over the past 20 years, everything from basic clipping reports to Google search. But there wasn’t one platform that stitched it all together. Notified is the Swiss Army knife of media monitoring.


Qamar Zaman, Chief Happiness Officer, KISS PR

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