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Our customers represent companies of all sizes, from growing business to global enterprise. We’re passionate about helping all our customers use digital communication and social intelligence to become empowered to make better strategic decisions.

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“Notified helps me to continuously be aware of how people talk about our clients, both for every day updates, when doing research for new projects and when evaluating campaigns. We choose Notified because of it’s simplicity and for the powerful reporting and analytics tools!“

Karin Bäcklund, Digital strategist

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“In a reality where social data is larger than ever, a tool for aggregating and make sense of the data is necessary. I use Notified on a daily basis to follow up on campaigns, for reputation management and to get early signals of new trends. Notified helps me to keep on track with current trends and to understand the context in which our brands are being discussed. An indispensable tool in an infinite flow of data!”

Hanna Granebring, Social Media Consumer Specialist

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”I’ve used a wealth of different platforms for using user generated content in marketing. After evaluating them all I must say that Notified’s Sparkle is the fastest, most flexible and affordable solution of them all!”

Evan Karas, Digital Director, Grey

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