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Get a tailored list of recommended media contacts

Tap into our dynamic media database to discover journalists who are relevant to your brand and ready for your outreach

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Build better media lists with global contacts and the help of AI

Get better results from a smarter database. Connect automatically pinpoints relevant journalists in real time, based on the media monitoring you have done in Listen. Connect is also a powerful a search engine that lets you freely discover journalists based on the criteria you choose. Our database is managed and curated by an in-house team of researchers — it includes contact details for journalists, reporters, and social media contacts at global media outlets.

Entering a new market? Starting a new campaign? Set up a new search in Listen to quickly build a list of relevant contacts, and easily find the media you need from our database. No matter how niche your topic, you’ll have a tailored list of contacts for your outreach.

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Pinpoint the right people

Need to find the leading authority on electric cars in the Pacific Northwest, or writers who cover sustainable farming? Connect will help you find them. There are no limitations with how precise you can get with your media contacts search.

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Get valuable statistics on each journalist

Connect is a fine-tuned search engine that lets you automatically discover the most viral journalists and influencers based on their reach. It’s easy to further segment and prioritize these contacts based on social shares, publication reach, number of articles, or specific segment.

Engage the right people at the right time

Combine data from your Listen profiles and our media database to find the people who are already talking about your brand or your topics. Take action ― reach out 1:1, engage on social media, even use your lists within relevant ad platforms to launch targeted campaigns.

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Simplify your workflow and maximize your success

One simple, unified workflow―instead of multiple disconnected systems―makes it easier for you to be successful. Monitor for brand mentions in Listen, and automatically uncover relevant journalists and influencers with Connect―spotting opportunities to share content when the time is right. Publish branded content and press releases to the wire and your newsroom, and leverage social posts and user-generated content through live feeds and social hubs using Amplify. Most important, track everything you do in Measure for a 360-degree view of success.